Passionate About Inspiring Others

I’m Julia Hamer. I’ve been in school forever, and I’m quite certain I never want to leave school either.

My father has called me a “student of life” since I was a kid because my questioning phase… you know... when children keep asking “why?” all the time … why is the sky blue? why does the car move in neutral? why do we need to sleep at 8pm? why do you always burn the toast but mom never burns the toast? … Well that phase, never ended for me. I continue to ask questions every day and challenge the status quo. Iphones are getting bigger, tablets are getting bigger, and screen time is just becoming GREATER! How is this changing our brains? What are we learning differently? What are we missing? How does the proportion increase of blue light affect our eyes?

I’ve come to learn that my purpose in life is to inspire, motivate and enlighten you. Yes – YOU! I only recently came to the realization that I know a lot of things about a lot of things. It’s not very much in the grand scheme of knowledge (about the size of a small pea, cut in half), but it sure seems to be interesting to most people I speak to! My specialty is science. I LOVE science - even physics! And I would like to share with you the knowledge I’ve been privileged to acquire from one of the top Universities in the world. We live in a world full of false information, misinformation, and straight up crazy blog-posting-documentary-creating hooligans that are making things difficult for the rest of the non-scientist world!


So what is it that I will be teaching you? Well that depends on the flavor of your choosing! My talks are centered on four main pillars:


(1) Sleep – I discuss the evolution of our bodies desire to sleep, the modification of our circadian rhythm, the impact of stress, of screen time and of food choices on how we sleep. I also discuss ways to improve sleep and improve daily functioning and productivity.


(2) Mindfulness – I discuss the importance of stress reduction, which comes in many different forms, as well as the huge increase in mindfulness research and how meditation changes our brain. I also discuss ways to improve mindfulness, practice meditation and live an optimal-stress life.


(3) Nutrition – I discuss the important of paying attention to what enters your body, as well the connection between our gut health to our brain health. I also discuss tips on healthy eating, food preparation, grocery shopping, as well as provide several recipes to try at home to improve daily productivity.


(4) Movement – I discuss how exercise, movement, physical activity (whatever you want to call it!) changes our brain and how our body operates to emotional, physical or psychological stressors. I also discuss ways to increase daily physical activity, and how various types of exercises and durations affect our memory, mood and cognition.


If that doesn’t excite you, or you have a specific topic in mind you’d like to learn or hear about from me – I’m always open to suggestions and would be happy to convey scientific information to you.  As I mentioned, I’m a student of life and I’m here to translate information to you in the most simple, informative and fun way possible!


I look forward to sharing with you! 

  • Certified Spin Instructor - Quad Spin

  • Yoga Teacher Training (August 2018)

  • Precision Nutrition (May 2018).

  • Personal Training (AMFPT) (August 2018)

  • Honours Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology & Neuroscience)

  • Masters of Science (C) (Medical Science - Neuroscience) 

  • Professional Beach Volleyball Player (Team Canada)


Instagram: @JuliaHamer

Twitter: @JuHamer

Facebook: @JuliaHamerCAN

Email: JuliaHamer.Medicine@gmail.com

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